The MicroDERM® System

Systematic early recognition of skin cancer

MicroDERM System - Exam

MicroDERM® is a professional imaging system for progressive early recognition of skin cancer and image documentation.

The microDERM imaging system was developed within the course of the worldwide largest study for computer-assisted early recognition of skin cancer – DANAOS.

Due to a close cooperation between well-known clinics and established doctors worldwide a technologically convincing system with a scientifically substantiated diagnostic support was created. microDERM® convinces with practice-oriented functionality, most modern technology and simple operationality.

Decorated with a number of scientific and design awards, microDERM® sets internationally new benchmarks in the field of computer-assisted early recognition of skin cancer.

MicroDERM System
MicroDERM System

Overview of advantages

  • Reflected-light microscopy and clinical images with only one camera
  • Patented hyper-accurate optics with highest images quality
  • Standardised image quality with daylight illumination of the skin
  • Integrated UV-illumination ring for fluorescence diagnostics
  • 15 – 200 fold magnification (reflected-light microscopy)
  • Examination-friendly camera ergonomics
  • Intuitive software control via camera-handle
MicroDERM System - Exam
MicroDERM System - Explaining
MicroDERM System - Tower

The next generation dermascope

Standardized Image Quality

Highly standardized images are essential for dermoscopic examination and follow-up. Products by VISIOMED offer a high quality imaging system pre-calibrated under stringent medical standards to ensure consistently safe and reliable diagnosis.

User-Friendly Ergonomics

A live image is displayed during the examination. It can be magnified, saved, analyzed and assigned directly from the camera – also without mouse and keyboard.

High-precision Optics with Clear Daylight Spectrum Lighting

A patented high-precision optical system process ensures that colour, brightness variations or geometric distortions do not occur.

Professional Documentation for All Areas

High quality clinical images shots may be used to document pre- and post-operative aesthetic treatment status. Flexible choices in a clearly arranged image documentation system offer various image storage and follow-up possibilities.

Reliable Operation & Delegability Thanks to Standardized Processes

The intuitive user interface enables efficient work without superfluous processes.

Quality Enhancement in Patient Care

Impressive images provide support when informing the patient about the course, effect and result of your treatment methods. Thanks to the networking of VISIOMED systems you also achieve improved utilisation, efficiency and productivity.

Flexible Solutions Customized to Fit Your Needs

We develop individual solutions for individual clinician needs. The microDERM® modular system can easily be integrated in existing EDV-systems and is also suitable for mobile use due to its compactness and simple universal USB-interface which allows for clinician laptop-installation use outside the clinic.

MicroDERM System - Lesions

microDERM® – The standard in terms of image quality

The high quality of optics and illumination makes images of highest quality possible. HD Quality Sensor.

microDERM® is suited for examination and documentation of:

microDERM® supports you in the analysis of:

  • melanoma skin cancer
  • non-melanoma skin cancers basal and squamous call carcinomas
  • diseases of skin with defined vascular changes
  • parasitic diseases, foreign bodies etc.
  • before and afterwards documentation of skin treatments

Flexible representation

In addition to microscopic images, the system can also provide clinical images in a brilliant HD quality, which can be archived for documentation purposes. The images can be sent by e-mail and can also be printed on high-quality photographic paper. It is also possible to export HD images to prepare lecture slides.

MicroDERM System - Screenshots

A system for the practice

Nevi documentation, computer supported diagnosis, photographical documentation of clinical findings, hair analysis with digital trichogram function, telemedicine, practice marketing – you can cover all areas of photographical documentation and processing with a modular microDERM® image system.

Quick and simple daily use

Time is in short supply in day-to-day life and the design of the microDERM® system keeps this in mind. The intuitive user interface allows efficient work. No mouse click is superfluous and no key has to be pressed unnecessarily. Many working processes have been automated so that an examination can be made during the same time it would take using a hand-held dermoscope.The patient database can store all important information and allows for importing and exporting of images.

Staying on the safe side

Complex documentations can be performed in only a few steps. The location related storage of images developed and used for the first time by Visiomed ensures quick and reproducible work. Images can be assigned in a practical manner on either a live overview taken of the patient or a pre-drawn graphic overview. The automatic follow-up examination is even faster. If another image of the same lesion is taken at a later time, microDERM® can automatically display the previous image alongside the new image for comparison during a follow-up examination.

Sound diagnostic support

After the image has been captured the integrated DANAOS expert system can calculate a classification value based on the world’s largest multi-centre study for computer-aided early detection of skin cancer. Borderline lesions can thus be classified reliably and quickly by their dermoscopical relevant features using the ABCD-rule as well as self-teaching neural networks.

Efficient follow-up

A follow-up examination using the microDERM® system can support modern medical care. Details can be magnified in steps and an automatic display comparing earlier findings with the current images allows the system to show even the smallest changes in the skin. The integrated DANAOS expert system is able to calculate changes of archived images.

Overview or dermascopic images at the touch of a button

Standardized dermascopic images are the basis of an advanced image system. But the day-to-day requirements in a modern dermatological practice are far beyond that: aesthetic operations, laser treatments and the documentation of treatment successes require clinical images.

Only images in brilliant quality will guarantee reliability and convince the patient. The macro-function can be used to document even large skin zones without an inconvenient change to the optics. All essential steps can be controlled directly via the camera to save time and allow more attention to the patient.

Flexible representation

In addition to microscopic images, the system can also provide clinical images in a brilliant quality, which can be archived for documentation purposes. The images can be sent by e-mail and can also be printed on high-quality photographic paper. It is also possible to export images to prepare lecture slides.

Simple, quick and reliable telemedicine

Images can be sent to colleagues and laboratories with the click of the mouse, using e-mail. It is also possible to discuss images with colleagues online in an Internet conference. The partners only need Internet access. Extensive coding and seamless integration allow extremely user-friendly operation with maximum reliability.

It’s the details which make the use of the microDERM® system so efficient and convenient in every day use. Experience gained from years of development and the close co-operation with dermatological clinics and established specialists throughout Europe have resulted in a product that meets the challenging demands of modern dermatology. All components meet the stringent regulations governing medical products.