Consistency and Quality of Light

With any Dermoscopy System, the consistency and quality of light & color is the most important issue.

The brightness determines the accuracy of the details. The color determines the reproducibility of the details and aids in diagnosis. Using light that reproduces the daylight spectrum is invaluable when assessing skin color changes in all melanoma and non-melanoma differential-diagnostic procedures. In the hands of a well-trained professional, using light that is micro-processor controlled, regardless of ambient conditions and angles, is of immeasurable value to obtaining consistent results and outcomes.

Protocol control is based on  various complementing  arrays of LEDs encircling a magnifying lens assembly. Cross polarized white light, immersion based non-polarized white light, and a third set of surrounding LEDs provides polarized colored light. When the light wavelength range from 380nm to 700nm is used, and at least 3000 lux is reached, the properly trained examiner is able to recognize all relevant color properties and details.

Following a pre-set control / protocol will allow the composition of these images to be captured and studied more closely using machine intelligence. Any variance to that control will lead to error and miscalculations that could affect the entire collection of early adopted data points.

The consistency and quality of light & color is a core value of all our products.

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