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 We provide point-of-care “Staffing Services” with turn-key installations and training that ensures high-quality results with less physician time or disruption to the practice. Our clients invest five minutes per patient, and our professional team performs the treatments in the convenience of your office or clinic 

Our history

1905 - Albert Einstein - Photoelectric Effect

1946 Low Dose Photoelectic Skin Neoplastic Therapy

Aldermed was founded in 2011

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  AlderMed™ is committed to being the leader in non-surgical treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers. We offer the Dermatologists and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons a cost-effective model to bring Photoelectric Therapy (SRT or E Brachytherapy) into their practice, providing their patients with point-of-care treatments which produce high cure rates, low recurrence rates, and no scaring.   

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Aldermed has a team of professionals including Radiation Oncologist, Dermatologist, Medical Physicist, Therapist, Billing and Scheduling for skin cancer treatments in your practice for patients with basal cell skin cancer treatments and/or squamous cell skin cancer treatments.

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