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Together we can win against skin cancer.

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 We provide expert customer support and point-of-care “Staffing Services” with turn-key installations and training that ensures high-quality results with less physician time or disruption to the practice. 

Isn't it time your practice upgrade to a professional image system for the advanced early detection of skin cancer and image documentation?

Our history

Aldermed was founded in 2011

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  AlderMed™ is committed to being the leader in early detection of skin cancers. The microDERM® image system has been developed within the framework of the world’s largest-ever study concerning computer aided early diagnosis of skin cancer (DANAOS).

A reliable system offering scientifically sound diagnostic support has been developed in reliable diagnostic assistance long-term patient relationships easy to use & delegable efficient image documentation continuous advancement flexibility for individual needs automated & standardised close collaboration with renowned clinics and international physicians. Our quality standards and the continuous  development of the system form the foundation for sustainable quality enhancement in patient care.

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Aldermed has a team of professionals including Radiation Oncologist, Dermatologist, Medical Physicist, Therapist, Dermographers, Billing and Scheduling for skin cancer treatments in your practice for patients with basal cell skin cancer treatments and/or squamous cell skin cancer treatments.

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320 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701, US

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