Professional Bundle – Luminis & Optima & Charging Station

$2,000.00 $1,800.00

A powerful combination for every professional.  Share one base charging station and alternate overnight charges to always have bright Full-Spectrum daylight illumination.  Use the Optima Daylight to examine the skin, then use the Luminis to get a Dermoscopic view at 10x magnification and clear viewing without having to place your face against the scope!


Optima Magnification in the palm of your hand
Bild 1532

Handheld High-End Dermatoscope

The cutting-edge handheld dermatoscope with 36mm-WideView-optic and color-true illumination for highest image quality.

Let there be Light!

Close to daylight lighting conditions of the skin surface are crucial. VISIOMED Luminis is the only hand-held dermoscopic tool that offers daylight chromatic spectrum to you. High-quality optical components and a newly developed electronic control guarantee a brilliant standardized image quality, simple handling, and robust operation.

Bundled with Optima Daylight for a clear view

Optima Daylight offers three different modes of lighting akin to daylight. Strong and homogeneous non-polarized light and polarized light for optimum screenings and directed lighting, which particularly emphasizes the skin’s structures and profile.

  • Bright, homogeneous lighting
  • Polarized light without reflections
  • Distortion-free magnification


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